How to immigrate to Panama as a citizen of the European Union?

  How to immigrate to Panama as a citizen of the European Union?

Immigrating to Panama is a very attractive option for foreigners, thanks to the opportunities and advantages that the country offers from an economic point of view and its political stability.

But, how to immigrate to Panama as a citizen of the European Union?

Discover the process to achieve it, reviewing the advantages of living in Panama and the necessary steps that must be followed to immigrate.

Advantages of living in Panama

Among the advantages that the country has, the following can be mentioned:

  • Panama is easy to adapt to.

The country offers a lot of hospitality because Panamanians are people who offer cordiality to foreigners.

  • The location is privileged.

Panama is located between South America and Central America, so it has the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south, and this location allows having a tropical climate.

  • It has a secure economy.

The economy is based mainly on the dollar and also on the Balboa, which is legal tender, having low inflation and offering legal security.

Steps to immigrate to Panama

The steps that every citizen of the European Union who wishes to immigrate must follow to Panama, are the following:

a)    Preparation

It is recommended that the person interested in immigrating to Panama prepare for the process; This means that it is important that you have valid documents, as well as authenticated by the corresponding authority, and it is advisable to have capital that allows you to be in Panama for the first few months until you get a job or a business.

b)    Advisory

For the legal procedures that the person must carry out, it is necessary to have the service of a lawyer specialized in migration because it will guide you during the process, on how to legally enter and stay in the country.

c)    Visa application

To legally enter Panama, the person must have a visa, which can be for employment or student. It is important to note that obtaining the visa requires 6 months for approval.

d)    Residency Application

It is a very important step and it is recommended to continue with the support of the advisory lawyer, to process the residence permit, since the following requirements must be met:

  • Copy of the passport must be presented at a notary in Panama.
  • Health certificate, issued by a doctor from Panama.
  • Panama Immigration affidavit form.
  • Three passport-size photos of the applicant.

e)    Job application

To obtain a job, the interested person must have the specific documents: title and certified and apostilled notes, proof of work from the last job performed in their country of origin, 3 bank statements from the financial institutions of their country of origin.

f)     Nationality

To achieve nationality, it is important to note that the person must be of legal age, have temporary residence and work permits; stay 5 consecutive years in the country, and renounce their nationality.

More and more people dare to live in another country like Panama, where they can enjoy new and pleasant experiences, so we invite you to stay tuned to our blog to find all the additional information you need to immigrate to Panama.


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