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A. What Molina & CO specializes in consultation, preparation and prosecution of Patent in Panama, trademark and copyright applications including oppositions, appeals, disputes, cancellations and renewals.

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  • Power of Attorney for Molina & Asociados showing the applicant's nationality, full name and address duly legalized by the Panamanian Consul or with the Apostille of The Hague Convention.
  • Certificate of Good Standing of the Corporation, duly legalized by the Panamanian Consul or with the Apostille of The Hague Convention.
  • Information of the use of the trademark in international commerce or in Panama.
  • Six labels of the mark by means of a drawing.

Priority Claim:

At the time of filing the application in Panama, it is possible to claim a priority right based on the Paris Convention by indicating the number and date and country in which the previous application was made. A copy of the previous application must be filed within six months of the filing of Panamanian application and must be certified as correct by the authority that received the previous application. A certificate must accompany this copy from the same authority showing the filing date. Filing without a Power of Attorney:It is possible to file the Panamanian application without a Power of Attorney, Certificate of Good Standing or Legal Representation, by posting a US$ 100.00 bond. The Power of Attorney, Certificate of Good Standing and Legal Representation must be filed within two months of the filing of the Panamanian application. Duration:The duration of the registration of a trademark is for a period of ten years from the application filing date and may be renewed for identical periods.

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