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MOLINA & CO has experienced in immigration law. The firm complies with the client's needs in regards to legalization of migratory status, strategy for residency in the Republic of Panama.  Our experience and commitment allows us to offer the best advice to retirees, investors and people in general, on the many alternatives under Panamanian immigration laws. Our counselors will file all the administrative documents required to obtain Panamanian citizenship.  Furthermore, we provide assistance to multinational corporations or smaller companies doing business in Panama, to establish their executives or expert personnel in Panama and Colon City. Our specialized immigration lawyers will represent our clients before all pertinent authorities in every step of the process for obtaining pensionado visa Panama, work permits, residence and citizenship among others.


According to the Immigration Department in the Republic of Panama, the Retired or Pensioned Program allows foreigners to obtain legal residency in Panama under Visa Pensionado as retired or pensioned.

To apply to the Visa Pensionado Program you must qualify as follows:

1. Pension Income:The applicant must receive at least US$1,000.00 per month. For each dependant, the retirement income (or pension income) must be increased by US$250.00. The retirement pension  can also add up to US$1,250 between both applicants.

2. Proof of the applicant´s income by documentation, such as a letter from the institution or company that pays the retirement or pension income is required.

3. This certification must be duly authenticated by a Panamanian Consulate nearest you or by Apostille.

Instructions to apply for Residency.

1. Required documents must be received satisfactorily.

2. Our firm will prepare the complete documentation package to be file before Immigration Office.

3. Once you arrive to Panama, a short visit to the Immigration Office is needed for you to sign a Special Power of Attorney, authorizing our handling of your documentation in order to proceed with the petition for residency. No shorts, t-shirt nor sandals allowed for interviews.

4. Our firm will submit the immigration documentation in order to obtain your Pensioned Visa.

5. If you do not remain in Panama, another short visit is required for you to take the official picture at the Immigration Office for you to be granted with the Permanent Resident Card.

Passport Registration

A short visit to Panama is required to register and stamp Passport at the Immigration Office. NOTE: No shorts, t-shirts or sandals are permitted in government offices. The requirements are:

  1. Two (2) passport sized photographs of the applicant (and dependents - if applicable).
  2. Complete immigration registration Form (POLS will provide this to Client, who only needs to complete and sign).
  3. Original passport, and one (1) photocopy of passport (the original passport will be returned to the Client immediately after the registration of it).

Required Documents (for Immigration processing):

Documents that Client must provide (for applicant and dependents - if applicable):

  1. Photocopy of complete valid passport of the applicant (and dependents - if applicable), including the picture page (that shows the picture, name, date of birth, passport number, place of issue, etc.), and all other pages (all pages of the passport). This should be provided after the Passport Registration is registered at the Immigration Office in Panama. Please note that the passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of the immigration application.
  2. Six (6) passport sized photographs of the applicant (and dependents - if applicable).
  3. Certificate of Good Health, issued by a licensed Panamanian hospital or clinic, signed by a registered, licensed physician, indicating that the applicant (and dependents - if applicable) has no contagious diseases and is in good mental and physical condition. THIS MUST BE DONE DURING YOUR INITIAL VISIT TO PANAMA. Documents that our law firm will provide to you:

Documentation of proof of Pension from either of the following:

a.If Pension is from a Government Institution or Social Security:Client must provide certification from the respective Government institution that pays the applicants retirement or pension income, certifying that the person receives a "pension" in the amount of at least US$1,000 per month (plus US$250 for each dependent that wish to add if applicable). This document must be 'original', 'official', 'updated' and 'authenticated' (please check explanation of these terms below).

b. If Pension is from a Private Company:Client must provide a letter on company letterhead from the company that pays the applicants retirement or pension income, signed by a representative of the company, with complete contact information for verification purposes, certifying that the person receives a "pension" in the amount of at least US$1,000 per month (plus US$250 for each dependent that wish to add if applicable). This document must 'original', 'official', 'updated' and 'authenticated' (please check explanation below of these terms).

  1. If the Letter is from a Private company, then you must also provide a Certification from the Government authority that certifies that the Company that pays the pension is in good standing and duly registered. This document must be 'original', 'official', 'updated' and 'authenticated' (please check explanation below of these terms).
  2. Copies of proof of pension payments (copies of pension payment checks, bank statements showing deposits, etc.) from Institution/Company to applicant. This document must be 'authenticated' (please check explanation below of these terms). Documents that Client must provide (for dependent - if applicable): 
  3. Police record from the country of last 5 years of residence. This document must be 'original', 'official', 'updated' and 'authenticated' (please check explanation below of these terms).
  4. Marriage Certificate (for the spouse - if applicable), and/or Birth Certificate (for children under 18 years of age - if applicable). This document must be 'original', 'official', 'updated' and 'authenticated' (please check explanation below of these terms).


  • Clients should send in advanced all the required documents that they must provide by courier before his/her first visit, or they can bring them during his/her first visit.
  • Clients should download, fill out and complete the Foliation Form and the Personal Background Info Application, exactly as it shown in our Website (See Immigration and Visas). Please send this two application forms by courier before your first visit, or please bring it in your first visit.

Documents that our law firm will provide to you:

  1. Special Power of Attorney, signed by the applicant (and dependents - if applicable), authorizing our law firm to process the immigration applications and documentation. 
  2. Letter of Responsibility, signed by the applicant, whereby the applicant takes responsibility for his/her dependents (if applicable). 
  3. Immigration Declaration Forms, to be completed and signed by the applicant (and dependents - if applicable).

Note:for authenticating documents through the Panamanian Consulate, please contact us to request the contact information of the Panamanian Consulate nearest you.

  • All documents that come in a language different than Spanish, have to be translated in Panama through an official certified translator in Panama.
  • All Passports validity should not be less than six (6) months.  Meaning of terms: 
  • Original:Original issued documents, not copies.
  • Official:Issued directly by the respective Institution/Company, not internet printing or other external source.
  • Updated:With a recent date, not more than six (6) months, since the document was issued.
  • Authenticated:Notarized and Authenticated by the Panamanian Consulate nearest you (or Authenticate by Apostil).
  • Permanent Residency obtained through Pensioned Visa Program provides holder of Permanent Residency Card for certain discounts and exonerations of certain taxes.
  • Pensioned Visa holders do not qualify for Naturalization (Citizenship). If Client wishes to obtain Naturalization (Citizenship / passport), which can be obtained after five (5) years of being a Permanent Resident, Client would have to apply through a different type of Visa, such as Self Economic Solvency Visa, Reforestation Investor Visa, etc. Please do not wear short pants, short sleeves, t-shirts, or sandals in your visits.


  For Primary Applicant For Dependents

Legal Fee - Permanent Resident Card:

US$1,200 US$800

Government Fees and Costs:

US$250 US$250

If you are interested in relocating to Panama, or obtaining legal residency in Panama, please contact us for a personal consultation

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