Nevis IBC's

Background & General Outline 
Nevis is located in the Caribbean Sea, and has a population of approx 30,000.  Nevis is one of the most discreet and well respected offshore financial centres.

Legal System
The legal system is based on English Common Law

The legal currency is the Eastern Caribbean (EC) dollar which is issued and regulated by the Central Bank. The US dollar is also readily accepted everywhere in Nevis.

English is the official Language of Nevis

A Nevis offshore company is called an International Business Corporation or "IBC" and it is TAX EXEMPT on all income earned from anywhere in the world except Nevis.

Exchange Control

Name Restrictions
The Registrar of Offshore Companies & Trusts reserves the right to refuse any name which is identical or strikingly similar to an existing company or, in his opinion, inappropriate or undesirable.

Names must end with Corp., Corporation, Inc., Ltd., Limited, Incorporated, etc, to denote limited liability.

Trading Restriction
An IBC can engage in all corporate activities subject to its Articles and Memorandum of Association.  A Nevis IBC is not permitted to conduct or carry out Banking; Insurance; Mutual Fund Management; Public Investment Management; or any associated activity without proper licensing.

Summary & Features
Nevis has established a mix of new and modern international laws that, coupled with its extremely stable government and modern infrastructure, make it the premier offshore center in the World. The Nevis government continues to be very proactive in its development as an offshore center, allowing us to offer our clients a premier offshore base of operations:

 An independent and stable government

  • Modern telecommunications infrastructure
  • Statutes that guarantee confidentiality
  • Modern and progressive trust and company laws
  • Statutes that provide tax exemption
  • No tax information treaties with the United States
  • One of the 10 most free countries in the world

Nevis is an excellent location for:

  • Privacy
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Tax Reduction Planning
  • Holding Investments
  • Royalty and Licensing Ownership

OUR Nevis IBCs Include:

  • Resident Registered Agent
  • Registered Office
  • Nominees Directors
  • Bearer shares if desired
  • NOTARIZED General Power Of Attorney
  • ALL Original Documents

This is a highly effective, turn key, asset protection and International Business tool.

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